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Professionals area

Professionals area

A range dedicated to professionals

Kaviari offers a full range of seafood products for catering and distribution professionals. 

Caviars, smoked salmon sliced by hand, hearts of imperial salmon, smoked fish (sturgeon, eel, halibut, swordfish...), fish eggs (wild salmon, trout, lumpfish, cod, tobiko, arenkha, Bottarga...), shellfish, including sumptuous European lobsters or the new Spanish range Palamos... With more than 200 references, Kaviari brings you a wide choice and extremely fresh products.

Thanks to a team of professionals from the industry of high-end fresh products, we carry out a rigorous selection of our products, which are then packaged in our refrigerated laboratories that meet HACCP standards. This daily work allows us to export worldwide with a superior degree of traceability and a highly reliable cold chain. Our mission: provide exceptional service every day of the year.

Our commitments: 
 - a careful selection of all our products
- a laboratory of more than 2500 m2 meeting European standards
- full traceability and respect of the cold chain
- a sustainable development Charter to respect the environment
- 24 h/24 custom service

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For any price request, quote or advice, please contact us by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 49 87 41 00

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