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Sustainable development

Sustainable development

1. The house selects suppliers involved in a process of breeding or sustainable fishing with reasoned methods.

2. We are part of a virtuous zero carbon goal cycle to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. We rely on the expertise of the Good Planet Foundation, a partner in our approach, to carry out our carbon assessment, reduce our CO2 emissions and compensate for them.

3. Our teams also improve packaging through eco-design and integrate methods that successfully meet customer expectations and environmental challenges.

4. The reduction and treatment of waste is part of our concerns. We value our salmon skins thanks to a craftsman from Bassin d’Arcachon who recovers and transforms them into leather by a 100% vegetable tanning. We carry out selective sorting of ordinary industrial waste (Suez) and cardboard (Paprec). Our food waste at the Kaviari factory and laboratory is valued by Bionerval in biogas or compost.

5. We affirm our social and human responsibility through citizen projects: il Refettorio, Clean Up Day, Marches for the climate ... All our actions are turned towards these dynamics.