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The house

Once upon a time…

Wild Iranian caviar

The caviar comes from the acipenser sturgeon eggs. This ancestral fish is found mainly in the wild, in the waters of the Caspian Sea which bathes the shores of Iran and Russia.

For a long time, Iran was most famous for the manufacturing of wild caviar. Three of the best varieties of caviar were produced there: beluga, osetra and sevruga. Thanks to traditional sea fishing and centuries-old know-how from the artisans, wild Iranian caviar was recognised as the best in the world.

Over the years, the endangered sturgeon became a protected species. In 2008, its fishing in the Caspian Sea was banned. To preserve the fish, caviar producers then turned to breeding the sturgeons in open-net fish farms in their natural environment.

Kaviari was one of the first houses to adopt this eco-responsible approach while continuing to develop the expertise gained from the Iranian masters.


Former original wild Iranian caviar box. In the past, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the 1.8 kg boxes were wrapped in kitchen paper and then sealed with a stamp representing a sturgeon or a Persian inscription, as a seal of the caviar house.

Jacques Nebot, surrounded by Iranian fishermen and the master of caviar, in front of the three species of sturgeons of the Caspian Sea. From the largest to the smallest: osetra, beluga and sevruga.

Designated a Unesco world heritage, Lake Hangzhou, also called "the Lake of a thousand islands" is one of the most beautiful farms of sturgeons. The lake is a genuine nature reserve, located southwest of Shanghai and covering more than 573 km².

The legacy

An exceptional expertise

Located in the heart of Paris, near the basin of the Arsenal and in Ivry, Kaviari is a reference in the world of caviar and haute cuisine.

The brand has built its reputation on wild Iranian caviar and the family home created by Raphaël Bouchez and Jacques Nebot relies on its 40 years of experience to offer the finest farmed caviars, from imperial Beluga to kristal or osetra caviar.

The family business, independent, custom and eager to sustain their traditional know-how, now works with the best farms around the world.

Kaviari collaborates closely with the fish farmers, following every step of the production and overseeing the quality of the water in natural breeding conditions, from the harvest of eggs to the maturation stage of the grains.

Thanks to their expertise, they are able to recognise and select the finest caviars of real character. This rigorous traceability and this uncommon know-how with no middle-man contribute to its international recognition among top Chefs and fine connoisseurs.

Spoon tasting is one of the best ways to appreciate the taste and the subtleties of caviar. For exclusive pleasure, avoid silver or metal spoons since they oxidize the grains. Prefer pearl, porcelain or wooden spoons, the latter being our personal favorite : caviar is a gracious dish which should be enjoyed with simplicity.

Raphaël plug, President of Kaviari, surrounded (left to right) by Karin Nebot, Jacques Nebot, founding father and one of the most knowledgeable connoisseurs of caviar in the world, and Laurent Nebot.

Inspired by the original tins, the new deep-blue Kaviari tins are distinguished by their understated look. Today, our teams still age the caviars in these 1.8 kilogram tins, in cold chambers, and according to an ancestral know-how.

The know-how

The “house” maturation of the caviar.

The Kaviari teams select directly from the source the eggs that will then be "refined" in their laboratories by Bruno Higos, caviar master. Just like a cellar master does for wine, he will see to the perfect maturation of the grains up until this magical moment when caviar will fully develop its buttery, nutty or iodine-flavoured aromas.

With carefully selected caviars, today Kaviari provides many starred Chefs in France and abroad. Among them, Alain Ducasse, Yannick Alléno, Alain Passard, Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud, Guy Martin, Eric Sapp, Arnaud Lallement... who all have been placing their trust in him for a long time.

The key to his success: a range of farmed caviars worthy of the finest wild caviars, with varieties and gustatory qualities matching perfectly the requirements of connoisseurs.

Kaviari is also a wide range of seafood products carefully picked from the four corners of the world, from Spanish fishing ports to the Greek islands, and from the Pacific ocean to Greenland. The house offers both an amazing choice where classics (lobster, torteau) meet rare dishes like Palamos octopus or Devon crab.

Bruno Higos, our caviar master. For more than 30 years, he has been safeguarding, in our workshops, the caviars maturation process and he shares his passion with caviar enthusiasts or novices who wish to be introduced to tasting.