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French caviar, Aquitaine caviar... Our ultimate selection of caviars.

Kaviari presents a range of exceptional caviars, with unique and exceptional flavors and qualities. Kaviari distinguishes itself by cris-crossing the globe to select the best caviar grains. Carefully refined by us, they are then matured in our Paris laboratories.
Depending on species and origin, the grains release flavors that play on both land and sea, with notes ranging from woody to iodized, buttery to mineral, with a whole range of nuances. There's a caviar for every taste.

The caviars we offer are the fruit of many years of work and unique expertise and savoir-faire:

Discover our best caviars for an unparalleled taste experience: Ossetra caviar, Beluga caviar, Baeri caviar

How to select the best caviar?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing caviar. Caviars are differentiated first and foremost by the appearance of their grains, which can vary in color and size. Origins, nuances, sparkles, flavours... The magic of caviar comes from its great diversity.

Beluga caviar is often best known for its large, elephant-gray grains. Rich and creamy, it develops very delicate buttery flavors, with a long finish. Ossetra caviar has firm, soft berries. It develops marine and nutty flavors. Baeri caviar develops earthy, woody flavors, with notes of dried fruit on the finish.

Our team of caviar experts is happy to advise you on choosing the best caviar to suit your tastes....

How to best enjoy our caviars?

If the golden rule - essential and primary - is to take pleasure by freeing oneself from all codes and rituals, a few simple tasting tips will make this moment even more unforgettable and tasty.

Take out your tin of caviar about ten minutes before serving. It should be neither too cold nor too hot to reveal all its aromas. Handle caviar as little as possible and avoid temperature variations to preserve the texture of the grains and flavors. Preferably use a bamboo spoon or a mother-of-pearl spoon, which will not alter the taste of the roe, unlike certain metals, such as silver, which oxidize caviar.

Caviars make great table companions, offering a rich horizon of pairings to satisfy every palate. If you want to get creative, discover our Kaviari recipes to pair your caviar.

Why buying your caviar online with Kaviari?

Are you looking for exceptional caviar for a unique tasting experience? Kaviari offers you its gourmet products delivered "fresh" in 24/48h in an eco-friendly package.

We offer free delivery for all orders of €150 or more. You can buy online in just a few clicks.

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