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Raphaël Bouchez, Chairman of Kaviari, surrounded (from left to right) by Karin Nebot, Jacques Nebot, the founding father and one of the world's greatest caviar connoisseurs, and Laurent Nebot.

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For over 40 years, Kaviari has been selecting the finest caviars and seafood from the source. The grains are refined in our Paris laboratories and then packaged in numbered tins. Each case is unique, each caviar an invitation to pleasure, each tasting a pure moment of delectation, magical, sensual, unforgettable.

An original tin of wild Iranian caviar. In days gone by on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the 1.8kg tins were wrapped in kitchen paper and then sealed with a stamp depicting a sturgeon or a Persian inscription, the seal of the caviar house.

The origin... wild Iranien caviar

Caviar comes from the roe of the ascipenser sturgeon. This ancestral fish lives mainly in the wild in the waters of the Caspian Sea, which washes the shores of Iran and Russia.

Iran has long been the most renowned producer of wild caviar. Three of the best varieties of caviar were produced here: Beluga, ossetra and sevruga. Thanks to a traditional sea-fishing method and the age-old know-how of its craftsmen, wild Iranian caviar was recognized as the best in the world.

Over the years, the endangered sturgeon has become a protected species. In 2008, its fishing in the Caspian Sea was banned. Caviar producers then turned to breeding sturgeon in the wild on fish farms, thus preserving the natural wild resource.

Know-how... « in-house » caviar maturation

A master of caviar like a cellar master of wine…

Kaviari’s teams select the roe at source, which is then “refined” in its laboratories by caviar master Bruno Higos. Like a cellar master for wine, he ensures that the grains mature properly until the magical moment when the caviar fully reveals its buttery, iodized or nutty aromas.

Thanks to its finely selected caviars, Kaviari now supplies a number of Michelin-starred chefs in France and abroad. Among them are Alain Ducasse, Yannick Alléno, Alain Passard, Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud, Guy Martin, Éric Pras, Arnaud Lallement… all of whom have placed their trust in him for many years.

The key to its success: A range of farmed caviars worthy of the finest wild caviars, whose different varieties and taste qualities perfectly meet the demands of connoisseurs.

Bruno Higos, caviar master in our workshops for over 30 years, oversees caviar maturation and shares his passion with caviar lovers and novices alike.

selection at the source ...

Kaviari was one of the first companies to adopt this eco-friendly approach, while at the same time developing its know-how acquired from Iranian masters, whom we accompanied to “our” partner breeders in order to pass on this unique ancestral know-how!

Kaviari is also a selection of seafood sourced from all corners of the globe, from Spanish fishing ports to Greek islands, from the Pacific Ocean to Greenland. Kaviari offers an extraordinary choice, from the great classics such as lobster and crab to rarer delicacies like Palamos octopus and Devon crab.

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