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French Baeri Caviar

This caviar comes from the sturgeon "Acipenser baerii", a fish native to Siberia. The latest addition to our range, this caviar has small to medium-sized grains, in dark gray tones, with brilliant reflections. Low in iodine and moderately salty, this caviar will appeal to fine palates with its subtle complexity. It develops unique, iodized flavors with a silky aroma.

We talk about it on the blog: What are the unique characteristics of French Caviar?

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How to choose your caviar

How much to choose (2 serves)

  • 30g for an initiation
  • 50g for a starter
  • 125g for a meal


More informations
Size of grains

Small to medium, 2.4 to 3mm

Color of grains

Dark gray with golden highlights

Farming country


French baeri caviar

Ingredients:Sturgeonroe "Acipenser baerii", salt, preservative: E285.

Allergen: Fish.

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 253kcal / 1054kJ, Fat 16g, including saturated fatty acids 3.9g, Carbohydrates 3.2g, including sugars 0g, Protein 24g, Salt 3.5g.

Shelf life/ Best before date guaranteed on delivery: At least 2 months before opening.

Storage: Between 0°/+4°C. After openinig, consume within 3 days.

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What is French caviar?

Baeri caviar is a variety of caviar from the Acipenser Baeri sturgeon.

Baeri has small to medium-sized, dark ebony-gray grains with a glossy sheen. These grains are smaller and darker than those of other species.

It is distinguished by its subtle, delicate taste characteristics. Lightly iodized and moderately salty on the palate, this caviar will appeal to fine palates with its subtle complexity.It develops unique, iodized flavors with a silky aroma.

Its texture is delicate, buttery and melt-in-the-mouth. Baeri caviar can be recognized by its iodized, earthy flavors, with hints of dried fruit on the finish.

If you appreciate buttery or undergrowth notes, discover also our Transmontanus caviar.

Baeri Sturgeon: the French caviar

Today, this species is mainly farmed in France in the Aquitaine basin.

Its strain was imported into fish farming in 1989 and is now one of the most widely used species for breeding, particularly in Gironde.

The quality of caviar is largely due to the production techniques used. The sturgeons are bred in freshwater pools, under the most favorable conditions to guarantee superior caviar quality.

Producers are subject to strict rules and have drawn up very detailed specifications for obtaining good caviar.

To find out more about the history of caviar, take a look at our book "Caviar" by Kaviari.
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