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Trikalinos Bottarga

Trikalinos bottarga is produced exclusively from the roe of the Lippu mullet fish, renowned for its high quality. It is prepared using a balanced, preservative-free salting process. Bottarga is then wrapped in beeswax. It reveals a sublime delicacy, with a long finish.

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Salted mullet roe, dried

Ingredients: Mullet roe lippu, salt, beeswax.

Allergen: Fish.

Average nutritional value per 100g: Energy 349kcal/ 1455kJ, Fat 22g, including saturated fatty acids 3.6g, Carbohydrates 2.7g, including sugars 0g, Protein 35g, Salt 22,g.

Country of origin: Greece (mullet lippu roe are caught in the Mediterranean Sea).

Storage: Between 0°/+4°C. After opening, consume within 48h.

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Bottarga: An ancestral specialty. 

“Boutargue” or “poutargue” (bottarga) is a Mediterranean specialty that dates back to Antiquity. 

It is made by salting and drying fish roe, mullet roe in particular.

Trikalinos bottarga is renowned for its meticulous production process. Every step, from the selection of fish roe to maturation, is undertaken with the utmost care to preserve the quality and authenticity of this exceptional delicacy.

Its preparation is the result of a balanced, preservative-free salting process. Bottarga is then wrapped in beeswax, revealing its exquisite finesse and long finish.

What makes bottarga so special? 

Trikalinos bottarga is renowned for its delicate and subtle taste. 

The mullet roe used in its preparation gives this bottarga a lightly salted flavor and a firm texture. Its golden color and melt-in-the-mouth consistency make it a prized ingredient in high-end gastronomy. In addition to its gustatory qualities, Trikalinos bottarga is also appreciated for its health benefits. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it is a valuable source of nutrition.

Lovers of healthy, balanced cuisine will find an ideal ally, adding a touch of deliciousness to their recipes, while benefiting from its nutritional properties.
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