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Fish roe


Kaviari offers a wide range of fish roe to enhance your tasting experience.

Each type of roe provides different flavors and micronutrients.

To enjoy them at their best, we recommend that you eat the eggs in small bites. You can pair them with a simple slice of toast or a blini to enjoy their aroma and delicacy.

Trout roe, a must-have for a gourmet aperitif

Trout roe is a small-to-medium-sized roe with iodized flavors and a creamy texture.

You can enjoy them on blinis or toast, accompanied by crème fraîche for those with a sweet tooth. They’re also a tasty addition to cocktails and aperitifs.

Discover tobiko, or wild fish roe, for a colorful tasting experience

In the fish roe category, Kaviari invites you to discover tobiko.

This Japanese delicacy corresponds to flying fish roe.

These small, colorful, crunchy eggs add an unbeatable flavor and texture to your aperitifs, soups or sushi.

Tobiko is nutritionally interesting because it’s rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Orange, yellow or green, they’ll add a colorful touch to any dish. And for even more spice and surprise, discover our wasabi tobiko.

Bottarga, a primary gourmet product

Kaviari’s Trikalinos bottarga is an exceptional product made from Lippu mullet roe, renowned for its high quality.

The eggs are dried and salted, then wrapped in a thin layer of beeswax. Bottarga reveals a sublime delicacy and a long finish.

You can enjoy bottarga directly on a slice of toast, or cook it in a pasta dish or with burrata cheese.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our homemade seafood recipe ideas on our Kaviari – Delikatessen website.

Nos œufs de poisson

Maison Kaviari also offers a range of other fish roe products to suit every occasion.

Salmon roe is particularly appreciated for its rich flavor and delicate texture.

Pike roe, on the other hand, has a crunchy texture and delivers many essential nutrients such as calcium and iron.

Kaviari has over 40 years’ experience in maturing caviar and roe.

We are committed to working with farmers who respect their environment, to offer you the best products to enjoy on any occasion.

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